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The Hills



North Richland Hills, Texas


This Project is a Winner of the 2013 Solomon Awards

Project Challenge: Remodel an existing worship center to meet the expectations of both a cappella and instrumental worship, while increasing seating capacity, improving sight lines, and enhancing the overall worship experience for the congregation.

By creatively using new materials and colors, replacing pews with theater seats, upgrading acoustics and adding the latest audio, video and lighting technology, Shanks Architects and Acoustic Dimensions have fulfilled the church’s vision for a modern worship space that accommodates both traditional a cappella and modern instrumental services.

Many upgrades to the Worship Center were realized, including a larger platform, a new state-of-the-art baptistery, and new integrated house and theatrical lighting systems. A catwalk system, fire sprinkler system and new acoustical cloud ceilings were added. The room capacity was increased from 2000 seats in pews to 2340 seats in theater seats. As evidenced by the before and after images, the change is rather dramatic!

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